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How to hire a quality shed builder – first time

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March 08, 2017

12 top tips to finding and hiring the best builder to construct your shed.

When you’re about to invest in a shed – whether it’s a domestic garage, farm yard hay shed or sporting shelter – you only want to invest in it once.

So, you to need to make sure your shed is constructed properly the first time.

And that means hiring the best shed builder to do the job.

Here’s our 12 sure fire tips to sourcing the most qualified shed construction company for you. First time.

1. Do your homework.

If you don’t know a lot about the construction of sheds, before you approach builders, it’d be beneficial for you to do a little homework.  Spend a couple of hours researching requirements, different design ideas and relevant materials.  This way you can get an understanding of what they’re talking about when you obtain a quote.

2. Do people recommend them?

Before approaching builders for a quotation research your options.  Ask for recommendations from friends, families or even on local social media networking sites. Also do a Google search and visit their website.  Do the different shed builders have positive testimonials, reviews or even case studies?   If the builder gives you references – definitely call them. We suggest getting quotations from at least three different builders for comparison purposes.

3. Do they specialise in shed construction?

While any builder can construct a shed, getting a specialist in the field will ensure you’re benefiting from relevant skills and knowledge. There’s lots of factors that need to be considered when constructing a shed, from the creation of plans, submitting of permits right through to onsite OHS. Check whether your builder has experience in the specific shed you’re after, can provide relevant references and will know how to trouble shoot common problems.

4. Are they a registered builder?

Make sure those responsible for constructing your shed are qualified, registered builders.

It means your builder has the pre-requisite training, experience and insurance to carry out the work.

5. Ask for a tailored quote

When comparing quotes from different providers it can be like comparing apples with potatoes. Completely different and difficult. Provide the same brief to each builder when requesting a quotation so they have the same information. Also check whether the builder has provided you with an estimate (where costs can rise) or a locked in quote (where costs are fixed)

6. Ask questions about the quote

If there are large discrepancies between the different quotes (or even if there isn’t) it’s okay to ask questions or to request for them to break down costs.  Just don’t be dazzled by the cheapest price, as it could turn out to be the most expensive option.

7. Do they sub-contract the work?

Just because they builder is the one to provide the quotation, doesn’t mean he will be the one to complete the work.  Get confirmation on who will be completing the job – is it an in-house team or will they be sub-contracting the work?  If they’re sub-contracting the work – make sure you’re comfortable with who it is.

8. Do they use quality materials?

Your shed is only as good as the materials being used. So, check what the company specifically uses – such as the quality of supplier, the brand of materials and whether they’re strong enough to withstand the elements.

9. Do they have a trusted network of suppliers?

When it comes to constructing a shed, you may also need to enlist the services of concreters, plumbers or electricians etc.  Can your builder facilitate this for you with trusted suppliers or do they offer these services in-house?

10. Can they value add?

Experienced builders worth their salt will be able to offer invaluable advice on how to maximise your shed design to better fit your intended purposeNot only does it show consideration for your needs, but also their in-depth knowledge of their craft, providing you true value for your money.

11. Do they offer warranties?

Good shed builders, will have a trust in the quality of product they deliver and materials they use.  They will back this up with a warranty on their work.

12. Does the builder know how to communicate?

There are a lot of steps and processes that need to have completed in the shed construction process. Knowing your builder is able to effectively communicate through each step will ease any stress or delays in the process.

Whatever you do, don’t the mistake of rushing into hiring the first builder that comes along.
Implement these 12 simple steps to ensure your money is well spent.

Do you need help with building a shed?

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