Factory & Display Yard - 3 Rosemary Ct, Mulgrave VIC 3170

Factory & Display Yard - 3 Rosemary Ct, Mulgrave VIC 3170
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All your questions answered.

Who is Trusteel?

We're a second and third generation, Melbourne family business. We've been producing high quality steel buildings in Victoria since 1976.

Which areas of Australia do you cover?

As a Victorian based business we limit our construction service options to projects located in south-eastern Australia. However, our self-erect shed kits can be delivered almost anywhere within Australia.

Is Trusteel a registered builder?

Yes. Our directors are professionally qualified registered builders and all relevant staff are registered with the Victorian Building Commission. We are also longstanding members of the HIA (Housing Industry Association).

Do you offer a complete design and construction service?

Yes. We can also help you liaise with other relevant trade professionals in the plumbing, electrical, earthworks, concreting and permit facilitation, at no additional cost.

What levels of service do you offer?

We can help you with everything from designing your shed or steel building, obtaining building permits, to taking care of all construction. You can also choose one of our self-erect kits, if you prefer.

Self Erect Kit

Your Trusteel-designed steel building can be supplied as a ready-to-assemble kit. It includes engineering and foundation plans, component lists, structural components cut to size, holes pre-drilled where necessary, cladding, fittings and fasteners ready for assembly.

You'll need a reasonable degree of practical building knowledge and experience to assemble your building - however, if you need clarification or help, we're only a phone call away.


We'll start with a site inspection to help determine any issues that may influence your project. We may offer advice regarding, placement, site levelling, drainage issues, placement of doors, windows, etc., and take measurements to begin the drawing process and assist with obtaining relevant permits.

Once this initial stage is done, we order your materials and fabricate components. Then one of our highly experienced build teams will erect your building quickly and efficiently.

In the unlikely event you have any concerns with the job, simply speak with your Sales Consultant and we'll rectify the matter promptly.

Permits and approvals - what should I know?

Once you've ordered your Trusteel steel building, we provide the necessary building design and computations required for local council permit applications.

In most cases we can lodge Town Planning/ Building Permit applications on your behalf. However, where circumstances are not straightforward, we may recommend you engage a professional permit facilitator.

If you will be looking after the relevant approvals and permits yourself, the Victorian Building Commission's website is the best place to find all of the information you will need.


You may also find the following links helpful.




Basic site requirements - what am I responsible for?

Site: Before construction can start you must ensure the site is safe and clear of all obstructions and impediments. This may include trees, overhanging branches, underground services, excess soil, rubble, rubbish, etc.

The site must be level with additional clear space around the proposed building - a minimum of 1 metre for domestic or 3 metres for commercial/ industrial buildings

Access: All weather access for tradesmen's vehicles, trucks, cranes, equipment, etc., is required at all times.

Water & Power: Reliable access to fresh water and 240 volt single-phase power throughout the construction is required.

Instruction: You are responsible for instructing us of all relevant details in relation to the exact location and positioning of your building, the direction it should face, details of any underground services and any other relevant matters.

Commercial Works: The provision of toilet and lunch room facilities compliant with Occupational Health & Safety guidelines.

Site leveling - what should I consider?

Our Sales Consultant will discuss the suitability and requirements of your site at or following your initial site inspection.

As all Trusteel steel sheds are constructed level from the highest determined point along the building line, it’s important your site be as flat and level as possible.

Relevant professionals should undertake site levelling. They can also provide advice on excavation, back-fill, soil compaction, retaining walls and drainage, etc.

Plumbing and Electrical - what is included?

Your Trusteel building includes all rainwater guttering and downpipes to ground level. We recommend engaging relevant professionals to connect your downpipes to an appropriate storm water drainage system as well as your general plumbing and electrical requirements.

Foundations - what are the options?

Provided the foundations meet the structural engineering requirements for your new shed, we're happy to build on footings or a slab. However, unless otherwise specified, the building will be engineered for footings.

What if I already have a slab?

We can build on an existing concrete slab if it is structurally sound and appropriate for the engineering requirements of your new building.

What if I need a new concrete slab?

You can engage your own preferred concreter to undertake this work or, as part of your shed order, we can arrange for a concrete slab on your behalf. If we do so, the price quoted will be a 'budget price,' based on a 100mm thick (unless otherwise stated), reinforced concrete slab poured on a level site.

The concrete contractor will directly confirm with you any additional cost for filling/ levelling of your site or access problems prior to pouring the slab.

Are there any extra costs?

Once you've signed your purchase order and we've completed our site inspection, your Trusteel shed price is locked. That means there are no hidden extras come payment time.

Please note, Terms & Conditions do apply.

What are the payment terms?

A 10% deposit of the total price is payable upon placement of a signed order.

For a Self Erect Kit the balance is payable the day prior to delivery / pick up. In some cases a part payment may also be payable upon commencement of manufacture.

For a Constructed building part payment terms will be specified in your order with the balance payable immediately upon building completion.

In relation to a Concrete slab, the balance is payable immediately upon pouring the concrete.

Is my new building covered by warranty?

Trusteel provides a 12 Month Warranty* against faulty workmanship / materials and will replace or repair components at our discretion. This warranty applies to the building process and components created by Trusteel.

Individual manufacturer and material warranties cover stock items such as doors, locks, steel cladding etc. and the materials individual products are made from, such as COLORBOND® steel.

Where Trusteel has been engaged to erect your building, we further Warrant* the structural adequacy of the building and foundations for 5 Years from the date of practical completion.

* Refer to our Terms & Conditions for details.

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