CFA Fire Stations

Steel garage CFA fire stations

Building Steel Garage Fire Stations across Victoria

We're proud to be one of just a handful of approved builders of steel garage & motor room buildings for the CFA's Fire Station Building program.

Over the last 3 years, Trusteel has been involved in the construction of more than 25 CFA Fire Station Building projects across Victoria.

Each project has presented unique challenges and our solutions have included a broad range of custom services in addition to supplying and assembling individual buildings.

Our CFA station locations:

Western Victoria:

  • Yearinga - Central west near SA border
  • Sandsmere - Central west near SA border
  • Rupanyup - East of Horsham
  • Antwerp - West of Warracknabeal
  • Werrap - Northwest of Warracknabeal
  • Japarit - West of Warracknabeal.

North Western Victoria:

  • Sea Lake - Northwest, between Ouyen & Swan Hill
  • Ultima - Northwest, between Sea Lake & Swan Hill
  • Woomelang - Northwest, between Hopetoun & Sea Lake
  • Culgoa - Southeast of Sea Lake
  • Speed - West of Sea Lake.

Central Victoria:

  • Silvan - East of Melbourne
  • Buxton - Northeast of Melbourne, near Marysville
  • Reedy Creek - North of Melbourne, near Broadford
  • Hazeldene - North of Melbourne, near Broadford
  • Toolangi - Northeast of Melbourne, near Kinglake
  • Axedale - East of Bendigo
  • Knowsley - East of Bendigo
  • Baringhup - West of Castlemaine
  • Undera - Northwest of Shepparton
  • Kaarimba - Northwest of Shepparton
  • Stanhope - West of Shepparton
  • Muckatah - South of Cobram.

South Eastern Victoria:

  • Cannons Creek - top of Western Port Bay, near Tooradin
  • Powong - West Gippsland
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